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New classification features

Thomas Clarisse · 6 months ago

Topics clasification previously available in French and English is now available in all languages supported by Dictanova : French, English, Spanish, German and Chinese.

Please refer to topics classification to get started.

    Topics Classification in English

    Thomas Clarisse · 7 months ago

    Following our previous post on Automatic Topics Classification, we are pleased to announce that this feature is now available for dataset with English data.

    Refer to the same documentation to get started.

      Automatic Topics Classification

      Thomas Clarisse · 8 months ago

      Starting from now, you will now be able to enable automatic topics classification on any dataset reaching a certain amount of data in Dictanova.

        Dictanova Console

        Thomas Clarisse · 10 months ago

        From now on, a Dictanova Console access is granted to every client of Dictanova API.

        Dictanova Console is accessible with a web browser on the url https://api.dictanova.io/console/.

        The console allows your to :

        • [visualize your credentials to authenticate](do...

          Introducing Dictanova API

          Thomas Clarisse · about a year ago

          Dictanova is proud to release the first version of its API. Build to expose our cutting-edge technology and allow you to make great things.